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The best residential fences come from right here at Winstead Fencing Co. in Winterville, NC. Our fencing service team has over two decades of experience making quality, in-demand fences that everyone wants attached to their home. We work several different styles of residential fences, giving you options that will best match your home’s unique style. Fence installation is quick and easy, so give us a call and get started today.

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Residential Fences

Our line of residential fences at Winstead Fencing Co. is what makes our business grow and grow. We have spent the past two decades installing the fences people want and need for their home and family. No matter what style of fence you choose, our work is guaranteed on them the moment we put them outside your home. All of our fences are guaranteed to be durable and reliable.


 Residential Fence Installation

Vinyl | Ornamental | Wood | Chain Link

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Several Styles & Designs

Our residential fences come in several different styles at Winstead Fencing Co, and all of them are priced fairly based on the materials and size of the fence. We offer fences in wooden, chain link, vinyl, and ornamental styles. If you’re not sure what kind of fence would be best for your property or your needs, we’ll be happy to make recommendations. Our team is committed to open, honest communication with clients throughout the fence installation process.

Get Your New Fence Today

Call Winstead Fencing Co. today and speak with us about how we can get started on your brand-new residential fence. Our team is here to answer any questions you have about the process or billing.